How Will You Use Social Media in the Future?

For me, I think that I will be utilizing social media more and more in the near future. I am an active user of many social media platforms and I feel I am getting more comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas online. I used to feel shy when voicing my opinions or even posting photos of myself and now I feel more confident doing so. I am proficient with mostly all the platforms out there and like to check out new applicants when announce. Being on the lookout for new platforms ensures you are up to date and keeping up with the latest trends. You never know what new app could be the next big thing!

I have recently been very comfortable and enjoying the SnapChat application. I have a quirky personality and feel my followers enjoy my “Tucker Talks” segments I upload every couple days. In the future I hope to extend this to a YouTube channel. I feel that it would be fun to create short videos on my fun antics and get the viewer involved. If this would to take off, I would love to reach out to the viewer and get their thoughts and ideas on future videos. I’m excited to plan this out once the timing is right.


The Ever-Evolving Social Media Marketing Landscape


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