Social Media Tips for Students

For the most part students nowadays are very active online and are especially so on social media. They use these platforms to express their selves as well as look to it for acceptance and the feeling of belonging. That being said, sometimes students are not fully aware of how social has an impact on how others view you online. The fact is, being irresponsible on social media could potentially ruin your education and negatively impact your career, not to mention hurt others in the process.

But most of these consequences can be preventable. Students just need to do one thing when posting anything online: think before you post.

Students should to be aware that everything they upload online will in fact be online forever. That photo of them passed out drunk at a party is not the ideal image they should want employers, coaches or teachers to have of them. It is important as this could be a make or break when applying for jobs and schools.

That being said, students can use social media to their advantage. They can post positive views and opinions on things that matter to them. They can show off their great work and guide viewers to their portfolio for potential employers.



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