How Will You Use Social Media in the Future?

For me, I think that I will be utilizing social media more and more in the near future. I am an active user of many social media platforms and I feel I am getting more comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas online. I used to feel shy when voicing my opinions or even posting photos of myself and now I feel more confident doing so. I am proficient with mostly all the platforms out there and like to check out new applicants when announce. Being on the lookout for new platforms ensures you are up to date and keeping up with the latest trends. You never know what new app could be the next big thing!

I have recently been very comfortable and enjoying the SnapChat application. I have a quirky personality and feel my followers enjoy my “Tucker Talks” segments I upload every couple days. In the future I hope to extend this to a YouTube channel. I feel that it would be fun to create short videos on my fun antics and get the viewer involved. If this would to take off, I would love to reach out to the viewer and get their thoughts and ideas on future videos. I’m excited to plan this out once the timing is right.


The Ever-Evolving Social Media Marketing Landscape

How can Online Tools Make You More Productive?

Productivity is a measure of how much you accomplish – not how busy you are. In today’s society, time is money, so in order to get the most of it, you should be well organized and utilizing the free tools online. Having good time management starts with identifying top priorities and removing any time wasters. Using the correct online tools for your variety daily tasks is all about being open to new apps and programs as sometime learning something new can be daunting.
But the new apps out today have really evolved to keeps users organized and working efficiently. These applications are accessible and easy to use, no matter how tech savvy you are.
Applications such as Google Docs, Evernote and Basecamp, keep users all in sync with their team members and clients. Users are able to assign tasks, share documents and edit live with other users.
As for media productivity tools, I would recommend checking out Hootsuite or Pingrahpy. These online social media tools provides the administrator with the relief of scheduling a start time for publishing, so you can post content at a later date without worrying about it later on.
Productivity is all about achieving goals. It’s about making the most of your time so that you have time and energy left over to do more. The tools mentioned are a great start to get you working proficiently and effectively.

Social Media Tips for Students

For the most part students nowadays are very active online and are especially so on social media. They use these platforms to express their selves as well as look to it for acceptance and the feeling of belonging. That being said, sometimes students are not fully aware of how social has an impact on how others view you online. The fact is, being irresponsible on social media could potentially ruin your education and negatively impact your career, not to mention hurt others in the process.

But most of these consequences can be preventable. Students just need to do one thing when posting anything online: think before you post.

Students should to be aware that everything they upload online will in fact be online forever. That photo of them passed out drunk at a party is not the ideal image they should want employers, coaches or teachers to have of them. It is important as this could be a make or break when applying for jobs and schools.

That being said, students can use social media to their advantage. They can post positive views and opinions on things that matter to them. They can show off their great work and guide viewers to their portfolio for potential employers.



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What is your favourite social media tool and why?

Ah Instagram.

Or “Insta”as I like to call it.

I would say this would be my favorite social media tool. It’s the first thing I check when I wake up and probably the last thing I’m scrolling through before I fall asleep.

Why you ask? Well, I think for me it’s all about the how a single image can be portrayed to anything you want. You are able to be creative and express yourself. It’s really all about creating ideas, thoughts and moods. I am able to put out there anything I really want and have this “idealization” of how I want to be portrayed. It also keeps my friends and family informed of what I’m up to. Instagram brings my audience into my world so intimately that they actually start to believe they are a part of it.

On the other hand, you can be on the other end. Looking in on people’s lives. With so many celebrities and high-profile users on Instagram, it’s kind of exciting to get a small glimpse into their daily lives. You feel a little bit closer and more in the know. For me, I like to follow a lot of respected designers and artists. It keeps me up to date with the latest trends quick and easy, I am able to keep informed even when I’m too busy and do not have time.

Photos can effectively convey so much more to an audience more so than text ever could. I can tell you this first hand as I am a very visual person. I’m usually skimming through Facebook and I’m more enticed by images and short video clips. Having a platform that has a constraint of one image per viewing really makes this social media tool so popular. Having to decide on an image that will be a main focus for a short time really puts more weight and significance on what you are posting. So if you are going to post, make it count. Post something interesting and will      grab the attention of your audience.





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Why is Social Media Important?


Social Media is important in today’s society more than ever. Whether for businesses or individuals, social media has a lot of benefits to offer. Say you are starting up a small business. What better way to market your company than utilizing a platform to spread the word. The main benefit of having a digital presence is having the ability to connect with your current and potential customers. With the instant feedback you get in the process of social media marketing, if your consumers have any concerns you will be the first to know. This may help you with re-adjusting your marketing strategy as a result.

Another reason why social media is important is all tools are easy to access and easy to use. It does not take too much time and to manage your own media accounts, but for a better marketing strategy, it wouldn’t hurt looking into hiring you own a social media management or online PR agency, the only downside it could cost you up to $7,000 a month. Ouch. But in the long run, it is an investment you will likely see a return on.

Now let’s take a look into why social media is important for individuals. Social media’s main objective is to connect people with people. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more make it easy to stay connected in people’s lives. You can easily catch up with friends with their statuses, photos and videos they post. You are able to connect and share with people who have the same interests as you and could potentially result in stronger relationships. Being able to instantaneously share with friends and family can keep people from even missing major life milestones if an individual is unable to be physically present.




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